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Indian Cuisine


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Keema Mutter

Ground lamb cooked with green peas and spices.

Lamb Jalfrezi
Lamb marinated with freshly ground spices and sauteed with fresh bell pepper,onion,and tomato.
Lamb Kadhi
Lamb cooked with ginger, bell pepper, onion in  tomato souce.
Lamb Korma
 Very mildly spice lamb flavored with coconut, nutes and creamy souce.
Lamb Methi
Pieces of lamb cooked with fenugreek and freshly ground spices.
Lamb Roganjosh
Tender lamb pieces cooked in traditional spices with curry souce.
Lamb Saag
 Lamb cooked with spinach and touch of creamy in mildly spice.
Lamb Vindaloo
Hot and spicy boneless lamb and potatoes cooked in a tangy sauce.
 Lamb Masala
 Cubes of lamb cooked in tomato masala souce with cream.
 Lamb Xacutti
 Aspicy lamb curry from the west coast of india made with roasted coconut and a blend of rare spices.