Little India Cafe 

Indian Cuisine



Aloo Paratha

Leavened whole wheat bread stuffed with spiced potatoes.

Basket Bread
Naan, Onion Kulcha, Roti, Garlic Kulcha


Garlic Kulcha
Leavened fine flour bread stuffed with fresh garlic and herbs.


Kashmiri Naan
Naan stuffed with nuts.


Laccha Paratha

Multi-layered whole wheat bread.


Onion Kulcha
Naan stuffed with onions.


Paneer Kulcha
Naan stuffed with home made cheese.


Tandoori Naan
Leavened fine flour bread baked in the “Tandoor.”


Tandoori Roti
Leavened whole wheat bread baked in the “Tandoor.”


 Whole-wheat flour puffed deep-fried bread.
 Fine flour thick levened deep fried (4 small pieces)